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Back of japan podcast #6: Interview with Author Eka Wong Pt.1

Manohman, gang, I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Eka Wong: doctor, father and author of the very popular "Hungry In Japan" series and it was awesome. To boot, he even agreed to speak with me and waste his precious free time while his young son slept! What a guy, eh?

We took a little trip down Eka's past, touching on the origin story of his books and then switched gears to Japanese food and hit on "Koshihikari" rice and other delights. His sheer knowledge of Japanese culture and cooking alone rivalved most guidebooks I've read, and clearly the man has done some dining in that fine country.

The "Hungry In Japan" series are excellent bookshelf companions due to the deliciously arranged dishes, the comprehensive research done and practical use as a type of culinary roadmap. Even if you never get to Japan, at least the books will make you dream about its food!

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