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Back Of japan podcast #7: Murakami and some Red Leaves

Hello there, you Jeans/Flannel Lovers!

It's spooky time and, steering far from the clutches of pumpkin spice, this month's episide touches on required Halloween reading from a master of Japanese horror: Ryu Murakami, author of disturbing classics like Piercing, In The Miso Soup and Audition. Read at your own risk!


Shifting gears, we turn to the changing of the seasons and exciting momijigari (紅葉狩り), or "Red-Leaf Hunting" that occurs this time of year in Nigata and introduce 5 spots exploding with red, and gold foliage.

In no particular order:

Yuzawa (Dragondola, Mt. Naeba, Canyon Daigenta)


Lake Okutadami


Mt. Hakkaisan


Yahiko Park


Muramatsu Park

Enjoy your momijigari, eat some persimmons and show some love to your local yōkai. 

Happy Halloween 🎃