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Obscure, Yet Relevant Niigata

Hey gang, so a lot of times (most of the time) there's a massive inforamation gap in what goes on in Japan/Niigata mainly due to a language barrier, or perhaps it's just a lack of interest. To save you the burden of slogging through hours of mundane material that wouldn't interest you in the slightest, I'm culling some gems from Niigata news sources that I personally dig and hope you will too.

Here's the first one found at:

The article talks about a cool nighttime phenomena called a moonbow 「ムーンボー」,which occured one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Japan, Naena Falls. It's a beautiful deafening spot located in Myoko, Niigata. Tucked into lush almost prehistoric forest, I always used to imagine that any second a massive T-Rex head would appear at the mouth of the falls and let loose a mighty roar. It never did.

Anyway, enjoy the moonbow!