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obscure, yet relevant niigata

I saw this article this morning and embarassingly let out a giddy squeal.

Animal Crossing, whether you play it or not, is quite a fun little Nintendo game. It's a harmless, yet addictive title that I bought it for my kids years ago, but somehow wound up playing more than either of them. The fact that Niigata's Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari has paired up with this popular IP is fantastic.

Back in 2018, the aquarium re-opened after going through a complete reconstructive overhaul and adopted the name "Umigatari" into their title, meaning "Sea Story". In honor to market its 5-year anniversary to both young and old, they apparently reached out for permission to utilize Animal Crossing images throughout the marine exhibits. It even includes a fun stamp rally that can earn you a special Animal Crossing postcard upon completion.

If you're in the Joetsu neighborhood, stop by and check it out! If not, then playing Animal Crossing at home also works.

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