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    Niigata, Japan

    Far off the beaten path of Tokyo lies a place full of history, culture mystery and amazing food. It barely exists in your Frommer's and struggles to pop up in your Lonely Planet, but Niigata Prefecture has played a major role in Japan's modern development, while also serving as a powerful link to its past. It's lovingly known as the "Snow Country" and was once less lovingly thought to be part of the "back" of Japan, due to its distance from Tokyo and slower pace of life. Not the most flattering title, but let's lean into it for a second.


    The Back is necessary. The Back is where it's at. There are those who love the Back. Can't get enough of the Back. In fact, maybe that's why you've stopped by. Here, at The Back Of Japan, we'll comb through the history of Niigata, mine through its many gems and brighten a few corners of this quiet yet crucial corner of Japan. So, stick around and show the Back some love. And to all you Front lovers, you're welcome here too. Yōkoso!

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    Joshua Furr

    Back-Lover, Father, Writer

    Since 2013, Joshua has been in love with Niigata Prefecture and (try as he may) really can't stop ranting and writing about it. You can find his stuff here, here and here, with a bunch of video game/anime writing here and here.